Full-Stack Web Developer me (See my CV)


HTML/CSS/JS, TypeScript, React/Redux, jQuery, Sass, Bootstrap/Foundation, UI/UX Design in Figma.


Next.js, Node/Express, Python/Django, REST APIs, GraphQL, Apollo, Nexus,
Prisma, SQL, MongoDB, Postgres.


AWS, Vercel, Digital Ocean, Linux,
Git, Webpack, Docker, Nginx,
Stripe, Sendgrid.


2D and 3D Art and Graphic Design, Technical Writing, Internet Marketing, Machine Learning Libraries


Writing Streak

An app that helps writers to be more productive and develop a consistent writing habit. Has 5000+ users from organic growth.


A mind-mapping tool for writers, an app for collecting and organizing knowledge. Has 1500+ users from organic growth.

RPG Adventures

A platform where I publish my adventures for table-top roleplaying games. I have also used it to launch my adventure writing course.

Godot Assets

A marketplace where people can discover, publish, and sell assets for the Godot game engine (most assets you see on the website have also been developed by me).

Godot Academy

My gamedev tutorials. Uses the same platform as RPG Adventures, but showcases my tutorial making and technical writing skills.

Sketch Club

My CS MSc project. Instagram-inspired web application that helps art students to regularly practice their drawing skills. See the detailed project report here.


Discovery platform for educational videos. Old project, no longer maintained, but it had 37,000 visitors per month at its peak.


A habit tracking app - simple, but I think it turned out pretty well, I’m proud of its design.


Discover the best tutorials and courses submitted by the programming community.

Digital Mind

My Machine Learning notes.

Digital Art

Computer Graphics and Digital Art I'm creating.


A publishing platform and a community of makers who use technology to build cool projects and turn them into profitable businesses (early beta, work in progress).


I am a full-stack web developer specializing in building interactive websites and applications using the modern technologies (React, Next.js, Node, GraphQL).

I have designed, built, and launched multiple personal projects currently used by thousands of people, so I know how to take responsibility for successfully building and delivering a product. I can find ways to contribute value to your company, resourcefully overcome obstacles, and solve technical problems without the need for supervision. I enjoy teaching and helping other people as well.

I am experienced in (and passionate about) all parts of the web development process - generating ideas, establishing business objectives, making good technical decisions, designing and developing the prototype, managing and building the product, launching and marketing.

I am looking for opportunities to work on meaningful projects in a small team of friendly and intelligent people, improve my skills, grow as a developer, and build some cool stuff with you!

If you're interested in working with me, shoot me an email:

(I can only accept work at a company that is able to sponsor a UK/US/Canadian work visa.)