Full-Stack Web Developer


HTML/CSS/JS, TypeScript, React/Redux, Sass, jQuery, UI/UX Design.


Node/Express, Gatsby, Next.js, REST, GraphQL, Postgres/MongoDB.


Git, Linux server, Nginx, Webpack, Docker.
Python, Java, SQL.


Product Management,
Internet Marketing,
Technical Writing.


Writing Streak

A tool that helps writers to be more productive and develop a consistent writing habit. 3400+ users.


A roleplaying game and an adventure publishing platform.


Discover the best tutorials and courses submitted by the programming community.


Tree Editor for writers, makes the process of outlining your stories and articles easy, fun, and convenient.


Habit tracking app that will help you develop a superior daily routine.


The best place to publish, discover, and discuss great educational videos.


Hi! I'm looking to join a startup as a full-stack web developer/generalist.

I'm at my best when I have the the flexibility to contribute to multiple stages of the development process. I can take the responsibility for a product/feature idea, and see it through from design to execution - designing UX, solving technical problems, making sure it accomplishes business objectives.

All the projects above have been completely designed and developed by me, from idea to launch.

I want to join a company where I'll have the opportunity to improve my skills, work with interesting people, solve interesting problems, and work on meaningful projects that make a difference.

Education: CS MSc at the University of Birmingham, a ton of online courses, building personal projects.

If you're interested in working with me, shoot me an email: